Pressure Washing

Pressure washing does make a difference!

  • For all surfaces: driveways, walkways, parking lots, building exteriors, concrete walls etc.
  • Regular pressure washing improves building appearance and safety.

We have fully equipped pressure washing units ready to go to your strata or commercial property!
With no hassle free quotes and our quality guarantee you can be sure of what you are getting before we start. You will love your property when it’s fresh and clean! We can pressure wash and de-greasing large garages of 500+ parking stalls.

The surfaces we clean include:

  • Concrete surfaces
  • Vinyl walls & decks
  • Wooden decks or fencing
  • Pre-paint preparation
  • Awnings

All work is performed with care and consideration for your property, and with the safety of everyone in the immediate area being our first priority. Our professional pressure washing services are insured and covered by WBC, and five million in liability insurance

Power washing is a quick and cost effective way to:

  • Restore and enhance the beauty of any surface area
  • Remove moss and algae and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents on decks and walking surfaces
  • Prepare surfaces for painting or staining

We only use commercial duty pressure washing machines to get the best results small home units can’t. Careful use of pressure is essential and we make sure the job is done right!