gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Preventative maintenance for your home or property.

Gutter cleaning done right! We make sure that your gutters are cleaned, and are doing their job in order to keep your house protected from heavy rain, and snow and ice buildup.

Overflowing plugged gutters can cause water buildup and all kinds of building maintenance issues like leaking roofs or cracked foundations.

Don’t risk it!

Before you climb up on that slippery roof and put yourself at risk, ask yourself can I afford a fall?  Instead why not call our professional team and we will have your gutters cleaned and working in no time, and with no risk to your health.

Here are some good questions to ask when you are thinking of hiring a gutter cleaning professional.

What methods of gutter cleaning do you use?

We use high-tech equipment such as vacuum pole systems to vacuum out the gutters and leave gutters completely clean. Our specialised system powerfully sucks up all debris out of the gutter and into commercial grade vacuum. Doing it this way there is no need for our workers to climb up on ladders and no mess left around your property, it’s clean and simple.

Finally where needed, we can also access your gutters using carefully positioned ladders and stabilizers, insuring that your gutters are protected from scratches and denting. Then we can clean the gutters out by hand using putting the debris in a bucket and ensuring that your gutters are 100% clean.

At all times the safety of our staff and your property are our top priority.

At the end of the job we will take the leaves and debris away to be composted, or it can go into your city provided green bin.

Our Guarantee to You!

We guarantee that we will remove debris such as leaves, cedar and fir needles from your gutters. We also follow up by checking to see if all of your down spouts and drain pipes are clear. When we finish your gutters and drains will be clear so that water can drain properly.

Also if your gutters overflow within 30 days we will come back and check it for free no worries!

Don’t forget about the outside of your gutters, we can scrub and wash the outside surfaces of your gutters to make them sparkle and shine!
Also we can clean and flush your roof drains and ensure that your roof drains are clear and free flowing. This will prevent costly roof leakage and/or damage from the unnecessary weight of the water accumulating on flat sections of the roof.

So whether you need gutters cleaned for your house, strata property or commercial space call City View Systems and Have Vancouver’s Gutter Professionals take care of your investment!


Do you have other questions related to cleaning gutters?

Here are some commonly asked questions about gutter cleaning.

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“What about the moss that’s growing on my roof?”

“My gutters are dirty and have black streaks on them.”

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