Construction Cleaning

A good detailed clean is the perfect ending to a long building project.

Construction clean-ups require proactive management with quick response time to an ever changing environment. Quality and Dedicated staff that are ready to go above and beyond to get your property ready on time.

From high dusting and wiping surfaces to cleaning millwork & cabinetry, and cleaning kitchens bathrooms and windows, we can do everything required to get your new building ready for occupancy. With over 10 years in the industry, and large projects of over 500,000 sqft completed, you can trust City View Systems Inc with your projects.

We can seamlessly integrate our cleaning services from construction into occupancy by continued cleaning program with the Strata or Commercial client once the project is done.

Specialized window cleaning.

Do you have heavy debris on your windows? Don’t replace them just yet, call City View Systems. Our highly trained construction window cleaners will be able to remove heavy debris such as concrete spills, paint, silicone, rust and mineral deposits on glass. The best part is we can do it without using razor scrapers. (No scratched glass)
We have been able to help developers salvage windows that they would have otherwise had to replace, thus saving them time and money.

Why was our company featured in this industry-wide publication?
The answer is simple: We have an excellent track record of cleaning windows on high-rise towers, and we are on the leading edge of developing new, safer, and more cost-effective ways of cleaning glass.

Glass Magazine writes: “… A Canadian company has discovered an alternative to scrapers!” City View Maintenance (City View Systems Inc. before incorporation) of Vancouver has been cleaning windows without scrapers since January 2008.