About Us

Started In 2003, as a small window cleaning business that serviced the Vancouver area. We soon realized that what our customers were really looking for was, not just someone to service their houses and buildings, but someone who cared and someone they could trust.

Since that time we have built our company around the principal that “Good Relationships Equal Success” and “Good Relationships” are built on Trust, Integrity and Commitment.

Now, City View Systems has grown to service a wide variety of customers in different parts of the lower mainland.
We hope that you will enjoy experiencing for yourself why so many people and companies choose to use City View Systems Inc.

Our Team

At City View we employ only friendly respectful and honest staff, people that you would feel comfortable with working on your home, people that bring something positive to our team, people that are reliable, dependable and feel a sense of pride in a job well done.

These dedicated and skilled workers are interested in delivering services of the best quality.

Before we start each job we take the time to think “If this were my house, how would I want my property to be treated

Understanding and respecting each client is the start of any grate service.

Training and Experience:

All workers at City View Systems Inc. have been trained in safety working procedures and equipped with the best tools and skills to deliver shining results.

Our workers are clean-cut, friendly, honest and hard-working and will leave your property sparkling clean

We hope that you will enjoy experiencing for yourself why so many people choose to use City View Systems Inc.

Howard Shuk

President and Founder. Decicated to Quality and finding better ways to deliver the services our costomers need.


At City View Systems Inc. safety for our clients and workers is our primary concern.

All of our employees have successfully completed rigorous safety training courses provided through qualified training companies.

Here are a sample of the training and certification courses we ensure:

  • Fall Protection
  • Rope Access (SPRAT/IRATA)
  • Suspended Stage and Boson’s Chair Operation
  • Arial Boom & Scissor Lift Training
  • Ladder Safe Use

Choose Safety chose the best trained professionals in the industry.

Our Company has worked hard to develop an OH&S program that is COR compliant.

We carry $5,000,000.00 liability and property damage insurance.

Our work is always in compliance with WorkSafeBC.

Quality Guarantee

We offer quality guaranteed services.

  • All work will be done safely and with quality in mind.
  • Our friendly, honest team will leave your property sparkling clean.
  • All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Even though we are not a paid member of BBB we still hold a A+ rating on the BBB website based on our track record of happy customers and quality services.

View City View Systems BBB.org Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that we get a lot.

Glass manufactures recommend at least 2 times per year for exterior windows, however if they are exposed to salt mist, car pollution, acid rain, or hard water or mineral deposits we recommend more frequently depending on the exposer.
For interior windows we recommend at least twice a year for an interior cleaning unless someone smokes in your home, or you have small children, or pets. In this case, we can work with you to maintain highly exposed windows on a regular basis. We advise our customers that it is best to not go over six months without an

We are happy to offer flexible cleaning schedules to meet your needs.

Because glass can attract pollutants it’s best to clean them off before they start to eat into the glass. Just think you wouldn’t wash your car only once a year, so why not clean your windows on a regular bases to.

When it rains, the rain is disturbing the fine layer of dust that is adhering to the surface of the glass, so if the glass is clean there is no dust and the rail will dry perfectly clear.
The rain we have is highly pure with very low TDS so it will dry without spots providing the glass surface is clean.
The only exception is basement windows that are close to exposed dirt as water may splash up on the basement windows.
Gutter Cleaning It’s not a good idea as clogged overflowing gutters can cause serious problems for you home like rotting fascia, costly roof damage and more. Water is heavy so the weight of all that water trapped in your gutters over time will start to pull the gutters right off your house.

Because we access the gutters and exterior windows from the outside of your house it’s not necessary for you to be home.
Yes, all of our employees are completely covered should an accident take place on your property.
Sorry, we do it all by the books. We always believed being honest in all things and to all people is the best policy, It’s estimated that about 30% of the industry works under the table, but if they are willing to cheat on their taxes and break laws is that the kind of people that you want working on your most valuable investment? We decided when we started that we would run an ethical and legitimate company no exceptions.
Moss and algae can cause damage to your roof shingles and reduce the life of your roof. Why not let our professional roof and gutter cleaning specialists apply an environmentally friendly moss killer that will protect your roof from damage caused by moss and algae.

We are happy to beautify your gutters by removing the unsightly black streaks and grime that has built up over they years. Some streaks can be removed by simply brushing with soap and rinsing, however to get gutters perfect they may have to be polished with a polishing compound.
Yes they can, we can take care of any re-sealing or calking of joints or repairs your gutters may require to keep them from leaking and in optimum condition.
During construction, it is inevitable that some debris will be spilled on your windows and architectural glass. Sometimes it’s not completely removed in the initial clean, that’s when you call City View Systems. Our highly trained construction window cleaners will be able to remove heavy debris such as concrete spills, paint, silicone, rust and mineral deposits on glass. The best part is we can do it without scraping the windows. (No scratched glass)

By using methods that we have developed we have been able to help developers, salvage windows that they would have otherwise had to replace, thus saving them time and thousands of dollars. And we have helped numerous property owners and managers remove debris that has been left from construction.